The Nova Church of Holy Russia is founded by Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich on September 21, 2011 the Decree No. 10.

Grand Prince Pr. Dr. Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev is the Chapter of Russian Imperial House of Rurikovich and Pontifex Maximus of Nova Church of Holy Russia for life.

Pontifex Maximus Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has declared the Decree No. 20 from May 17, 2012 Nova Church of Holy Russia the assignee Kiev Metropolis of Constantinople Patriarchy and the Moscow Patriarchy, and also all Orthodox Churches and the Christian religious associations existing till May 1686 in Russ and in Russia. All orthodox religious property in any forms, existing and created on Russ and in Russia till 1686, appears the property of Nova Church of Holy Russia.
I believe in the uniform God of the Father, the Lord, the Creator to the sky and the grounds, seen by all and invisible. And in uniform Jesus Christ's Sirs, the Son Divine, one begotten, and from the Father given birth before all a century, Light from Light, the God true from the God true, given birth, instead of created, same natural to the Father, them of all former. Us for the sake of the person and ours for the sake of rescue come down from heavens and embodied from Spirit Sacred, and Maria Vladimirovna Virgin becoming the men. Crucifixion for us in Propontis Galatia (Golgotha), and suffering, and buried. And revived in the third day on Holy Bible. And including on heavens, and sitting beside the Father. And like the future with glory to judge alive and dead, it Empire bear the end. And in Spirit Sacred, Sirs true and life-giving, And from the Father proceeding, And with the Father and the Son bowing and glorified, talk to prophets. In uniform Sacred, Cathedral and Apostolic Church. I profess a uniform christening in leave sins. To tea of revival dead. And a life of the next century. Amen.
Creed in Church–Russian
1. Верую во единаго Бога Отца, Вседержителя, Творца небу и земли, видимым же всем и невидимым.
2. И во единаго Господа Иисуса Христа, Сына Божия, Единороднаго, Иже от Отца рожденнаго прежде всех век; Света от Света, Бога истинна от Бога истинна, рождена, а не сотворена, единосущна Отцу, Имже вся быша.
3. Нас ради человек и нашего ради спасения сшедшаго с небес и воплотившагося от Духа Свята, и Марии Владимировны Девы вочеловечьшася.
4. Распятаго же за ны во Пропонтис Галатиа, и страдавша, и погребена.
5. И воскресшаго в третий день по Писанием.
6. И возшедшаго на небеса, и седяща одесную Отца.
7. И паки грядущаго со славою судити живым и мертвым, Егоже Царствию несть конца.
8. И в Духа Святаго, Господа истиннаго и животворящаго, Иже от Отца исходящаго, Иже со Отцем и Сыном спокланяема и сславима, глаголавшаго пророки.
9. Во едину Святую, Соборную и Апостольскую Церковь.
10. Исповедую едино крещение во оставление грехов.
11. Чаю воскресения мертвым.
12. И жизни будущаго века. Аминь.
Explanatory to Creed
a) Virgin Maria Vladimirovna is the Virgin, daughter of Sacred Vladimir Rurikovich and Empresses Anna Macedonian. The Virgin was born on September 21, 961 on modern style.
b) Propontis Galatia (Golgotha) is Jesus's Hill in the Asian part of Istanbul (Tsargrad), now it is mountain Bejkos in Turkish.
c) Propontis Galatia there is an area Galata of Constantinople, opposite to the basic city through bay the Gold Horn. Above Galata have Jesus's tower. Galata in the past all settlements on the north from Tsargrad (Constantinople), including on the Asian part of a passage Bosporus which is part Propontis is Marmara Sea were considered.
d) Propontis this sea in front of Pontus or Black Sea or Russian Sea. In Russian is Propontis sounds as Pro Pontius. The geographical place is passage has a name Bosporus, but waters of a passage concern in Propontis is to Marmara Sea.
e) Galata (Galatia) it is area of Constantinople constructed by Gals – Ugrian from Galatia (Roman province Pontus Galaticus), the country located in the central part of modern Turkey. The part of Galatia was at coast of Pontus, and from the West Galatia bordered with Bithynia. We believe that the Asian part of modern Istanbul – Constantinople – Tsargrad was considered as Galatia also.
f) Words Galatia and Golgotha became actually synonyms.
g) We use text of Niceo–Tsargrad Creed as the base prototype, without the corrections brought in days of Patriarch Nikon (XVII century).
h) The citation from Acts, the Message to Galatian from Apostle Paul, paragraph 3. line 1: « Oh, non conceivable Galatian! Who has seduced you to not obey true at which before eyes Jesus Christ has been outlined in advance, at you crucifixion? »
Decree about creation
Nova Church of Holy Russia
21.09.2011 In day of the 1050-anniversary of Nativity of Virgin Mary Vladimirovna Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev Grand Kubensky Rurikovich has signed the Decree No. 10 About questions of creation of Nova Church of Holy Russia. Within the framework of formation of Church Grand Prince of All Russia has appointed itself Pontifex Maximus (the Great builder of bridges) of Nova Church of Holy Russia.
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Speech to Russians and world
We had the luck to live during an epoch of changes. These are difficult and fatal times. On court yard there is 2011 of an epoch of the Christianity created and proclaimed by our direct ancestor - Great Ugrian of Russ, Emperor of Rome Titus Vespasianus Flavius.
The last year in April it was executed equally 1000 years from the moment of sufferings, the Crucifixion and Jesus Christ Zlatoust's revival is Prince of Russia. God promised us, that after one thousand years there will come terrible events for mankind. We are on threshold of these phenomena.

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Sign of the cross
Question not idle - how to make sign of the cross?
Some centuries back orthodox people have been forced to be christened by three fingers. We shall not conduct discussion - correctly it whether or not.
We will address to the past and common sense.
Jesus Christ Zlatoust on ancient mosaics and frescos of XI century and the next centuries blessed and sign of cross of two fingers, other three fingers have been combined on Trinity. It is mudra of love.
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Grace and sanctity on birth
Orthodox canons showed continuous fertile communication of the kin of Russ from Sant Constantine Great Flavius, through Sacred Vladimir and Grand Princes of Rurikovich. These plots are represented on all ancient frescos of Cathedrals of Holy Russia.
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Speech to clergy of
Christian churches
We call Christian clerics to enter bosom of Nova Church of Holy Russia. Our Church is Sacred, Cathedral and Apostolic, it can include existing churches all clergy and laymen. To anyone the door at any time is open. Someone can make this step obviously, and someone imperceptibly. We are glad to see all believing people.
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Offers on clarification of the
divine service literature
Ahead difficult laborious work which will last so much, how many is required, without haste. While the literature will be updated, church services can be conducted under old texts. Gradually all Nova Church of Holy Russia will pass on the corrected new initial texts. In due course these books will be transferred to foreign languages and Orthodox Churches, Catholic Church and Protestants can join correct conducting church service.

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Gospel of Holy Russia
The Gospel of Russ is written on initial Gospel from John, Gospel from Mathew, Gospel from Mark and Gospel from Lukas, and also Gospel from Thomas and to researches of Grand Prince of All Russia Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev. Didim Judas Thomas has told: The one who finds interpretation of these words, not get death.
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Sacred places of Vita of
Virgin Maria Vladimirovna
The finest and unique woman of all times and peoples was born in 961 (or 962) in territory of Ancient Russ, in Pereyaslavl Princedom that has been located around of channel of the mysterious river Kubra. Ancient Pereyaslavl Princedom has consisted of two fortresses - Yams. One of Yam was the center of Princedom, his sizes 140 on 90 meters, it settled down on coast of the river. The second fortress had special name - Yam the Gold Cup.
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Sacred places of Vita of
Jesus Christ Zlatoust
Jesus Christ Zlatoust's vital feat is described in the Gospels and Pontifex Maximus Valeriy Viktorovich
Kubarev in several articles. To familiarize with them it is necessary to pass under the links resulted below.
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False Jerusalem in Israel
Orthodox and Catholic churches have made grandiose efforts that in modern Israel the tourist project Jerusalem of Jesus Christ has been realized. 150 years left on washing of brains of believers. Active support to the project rendered Zionist lobby. In an ancient part of ancient Arabian settlement Al
Kuds Christians had been erected numerous cult
constructions. The part of churches has been restored after sovereignty of Crusaders in Palestine in XII-XIII centuries.
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Heritage of Holy Russia in
Orthodox monuments
Orthodox canons showed continuous fertile communication of the kin of Russ from Sant
Constantine Great Flavius, through Sacred Vladimir and Grand Princes Rurikovich. These plots are represented on all ancient frescos of cathedrals of Holy Russia.
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John Baptist's tomb in Damascus
Mosque Umayyad in Damascus has kept up to now Prophet John Baptist coffin. Inside the main hall of Mosque there is Chapel with body of Sant John. And there not simply cut head Sacred, but all his body lay. How it could turn out, what inside Mosque Moslems store Christian sacred more than thousand years? And how John Baptist coffin in Mosque has got?
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Creed accepted by Prince Vladimir at christening in X century
This Orthodox Creed concerns to second half X of century. At his comparison with modern variant of Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed leaves, that Prince Vladimir yet did not know Virgin Maria, Pontius Pilate and Apostolic Church. Thus it named a theoretical name of the Savior - Jesus which was the outlined in advance name is pure the given birth boy. In the text Universal cathedrals of Christian Church which had theoretical character are mentioned.
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Russian Church for Russians
For last centuries in Russia concepts « to be Russian » and Holy Russia promptly collapse for the internal and external reasons. In result the paradigm of sanctity and divine selected Russian ground became the ordinary slogan which has lost sacral sense.

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Spas Not man-made – Cube Russ
Spas Not man-made has the own Russian name – Ubrus. After Stoglavyi (One hundred heads) Cathedral of 1551 and Trident Cathedral of 1545-1564 Russian Orthodox Church under influence of the West and Jewish heresies has made everything to etch from Orthodoxy true sense of sacral subjects, names and ceremonies. Russian seminary students and scientists in XIX century which have found "convincing" interpretation of inconvenient words have especially succeeded in cleaning Orthodoxy.
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Modern truly Cube of Russ
In Russia and in Orthodoxy symbols of the God Cube of Russ were widely used. One of such signs was an eight-beam star – Octagram Russian star, star of the Virgin or Bethlehem star. This star means presence of the main deity. She was represented on military banners, icons, frescos, mosaics, clothes, subjects of life and cult. The star is present on all shown in Russia of icons of the Virgin, is represented on its shoulders and on head. Therefore the star is symbol of the Virgin, together with all Russia.
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John Chrysostom liturgy of
Nova Church of Holy Russia

For fulfillment of divine service on canons of Nova Church of Holy Russia we recommend to use present texts of Divine Liturgy of Sacred John Chrysostom, edited by Pontifex Maximus. The text of divine service is as much as possible approached to an initial, true ancient Orthodox ceremony.
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Rock of Cub, Qubbat as-Sahra
or Solomon Temple
According to reconstruction of the history executed by Great Pontifex, Emperor Justinian Rhinotmetos and Khagan Sulabi is one person. Thus Khagan Sulabi has got in books of the Old Testament under name of Tsar Solomon. Grandfather Sulabi called Great Khagan Kubrat, based Great Bulgaria or Great Israel. Khagan Kubrat, in turn, it is identified with Tsar David of Israelis. A part of Great Bulgaria or Great Israel was Palestine, including city of Al Kuds.
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Personal rescue in terrestrial
and eternal life
Each person questions of rescue of a transitory body in a terrestrial life and excite souls in a life eternal. The modern Christianity does not give answers to terrestrial problem, more likely it even suggests people to destroy the flesh if she is sinful. To us advise to not sin, adhere to precepts and to keep soul for a life eternal. The usual life of parishioners of attendants of Orthodoxy does not interest, but she strongly excites believing people.
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Orthodox Chariot of God
It is the most surprising in these verses that there is directly spoken about « dvi kubaram » (two kubar). It is the literal text written many thousand years ago. I write these lines and my Russian surname is Kubarev. It is difficult to name this concurrence by accident. As on our researches name Kubar corresponds to the God of the Sun or the God Father, or Cube.
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Pilgrim and scientific visit
to Sinai and Palestine
The bible legend about transition of Israelis under management Moses through Red Sea to Sinai and wandering of 40 years on Sinai's desert of peninsula completely discredited itself. In the Bible it is told, that Israelis have crossed Black Sea which Christian and Jewish seminary students is free name Red Sea. To confuse red and black color it is possible only from the big religious enthusiasm.
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Decree No. 20 from 17.05.2012 about assignment of Nova Church
Grand Prince of All Russia and Pontifex Maximus Valeriy Viktorovich Kubarev has accepted the Decree protecting the church property and religious values of Holy Russia from defilement and privatization by the religious organizations in Russia and abroad.

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True Empty Tomb
We confirm, that Jesus Christ Zlatoust has been buried after the crucifixion in a cave on sacred hill Yoros. There God has revived and showed to the world the victory over death. Therefore true Empty Tomb is Yoros Castle and ruins of Church of (Nike) of Jesus Christ Victory.
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Church of Barbarians
This policy of ROC and the Russian state have led to full degradation and isolation of church from a modern civilized society. Visiting of temples ROC became connected to continuous insults and attacks on the part of serving churches and arrivals. Parishioners are met on a threshold and in church shops by spiteful and mentally unbalanced women. At any moment of you "just" clergymen and their assistants can offend or curse.
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Not combustible Cubina
Maria (Mary) Vladimirovna is represented in the Chariot of Cub or in Not combustible Cubina, the educated astral cubes rotating around of prana of the Mother of god and entered in
spherical cocoon (Leonardo sphere). Management of the Chariot of God Maria could create various miracles, including establish a protective Cover above subjects and the whole territories. The red rhombus means a solar pyramid, and the green rhombus personifies a terrestrial pyramid.
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Educated Christianity of Russ
With pleasure and pride we ascertain the fact of that on the Earth there comes an epoch of the educated christianity of the Russ connected to revival of lost knowledge and restoration of true. The world secrets hidden in time, become accessible to people.

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Orthodox meditation Cube for men
After mastering by technics of meditation the Chariot of the God you will be ready to the further promotion to an enlightenment and applied aspects of use of the Chariot of the God. Depending on preparation of the operator and his genetic cleanliness, application of the Chariot of the God for instant moving a body on a planet and the universe, and also use of the Chariot of the God is possible as the fighting weapon and a perennial spring of energy and miracles.
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Cubina meditation for woman
This knowledge is reflected in Christian painting on mosaics, frescos and icons. The most advanced expert on these objects icon painter Andrew Rublyov's was. We were reached with his icons Spas in forces and Transformation of Lord, visualizing most complicated quantum objects of meditation. Female meditation is represented with icon Not combustible Kubina (Cubina).
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Projections of the God
in symbols of religion

As a result of studying the extensive visual material created by 3D of modelling, we have proved existence of a uniform source of an origin of Projections of the God, that is religious symbolics of people. This source or quantum object refers to the Chariot of the God.
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Christ Tower in Galata
We are absolutely sure that Jesus's Tower costs on place of Agony in garden Prayer and represents one of the main Christian relics of Constantinople – Tsargrad. Not without reason Genoese long years were at war for the right of use of the grounds Galata and have erected monumental Jesus's Tower on place of Bible pray of the Christ - Agony in the Garden.
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Picturesque Gospel of Church
of Chora (Kariye) in Istanbul

Research of artifacts of Church of the Christ Savior in Chora (Church of Chora, XIV century) has confirmed conformity of canons of Nova Church of Holy Russia to doctrines of Byzantium Orthodoxy and has found out the numerous facts of falsifications and forgeries Holy Book and the Holy Legend at formation of modern Christian canons which at all are not an inviolable reality from above, and there is product of human creativity only.
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Canons of Orthodoxy of XIV century and the present time
We see that the Church of Chora denies settled paradigm, canons and stereotypes of Orthodoxy and is the alive witness of ancient doctrines of Orthodoxy of Russia of the beginning of XIV century (1315–1321). For preservation of imperishable artifacts of Christianity we are obliged to be grateful to Moslems who have not destroyed, but have reliably fixed pictures and stages of the New Testament in Church of Chora, having painted over their plaster in the beginning of XVI century.
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Chronology of religions
The present clause is devoted to summary of true chronology of religions and acts of historical characters, formed religion monotheism and its branches – Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In the general outline of events the moments of occurrence and blossoming of other religions – Egyptian, Greek and Roman pantheon of gods, Vedic, Tengrism, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism and Shamanism will be marked.
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Apostles of the Christ
Events of the New Testament occurred in X-XI centuries of our era in territory of the Byzantium Empire, of Holy Roman Empire, Russia and the surrounding states. Overwhelming majority of apostles had the Byzantium origin therefore cradle of Christianity is Constantinople – Jerusalem in which there are basic certificates and artifacts of celebration of Vita and Feat of Lord Jesus Christ Zlatoust and his devoted pupils and fellow campaigner.
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Names and photos of
Bishops of Nova Church
of Holy Russia

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